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For Caregivers

As you know, living with a child with a gastrostomy tube is stressful. After solving a parade of medical issues, your child is now healthy, but still medically fragile because they do not eat by mouth. Feeding therapy is a slow and often frustrating process. There must be a better alternative...

Toft house is the alternative, offering you solutions, hope and relief. We make your child our only priority, just as they are to you.

In this intimate setting there are no white walls, no medical uniforms, no reception rooms, and no distractions. Your child will become relaxed, ready to learn, and ready to advance toward oral feeding.

Picture your child as a competent eater, everyday, at every meal. Then envision going home knowing exactly what to do.TOFT House provides you the opportunity to concentrate on both feeding as well as the relationship and capabilities of your child.

At TOFT House, you will:

  • Shift focus from problems to new solutions.

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the transition process.

  • Learn valuable therapy intervention techniques.

  • Develop reasonable expectations.

  • Obtain practical answers and investigate options.

  • Build self-confidence and increase effectiveness.

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