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TOFT House provides an alternative to hospital-based rapid wean therapy. TOFT House is a unique, private, home-away-from-home place where your patient and their caregivers are immersed in the therapy process. They will be able to relax, be ready to learn and ready to make a change.

TOFT House can help:

  • Reach patients that just don't respond well to therapy in a clinical environment.

  • Maintain progress in-between sessions that are commonly lost.

  • Dramatically reduce time in therapy from years to as little as a 6-9 months from start to finish (completion of rapid wean program through g-tube removal).

  • Relieve the burden of documentation and justification requirements for referrals of on-going feeding therapy.

  • You find the time to serve more patients.

At TOFT House you can truly help families experience change and start them on a faster road to improved and a better quality of life.

Use TOFT House to make a difference in your practice.

Toft House Carol Lorioux Loup 3602 Everett Ave Everett, WA 98201 Phone 425.210.3486 FAX 425.259.6317