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Rapid Wean

Our rapid wean program increases the volume taken by mouth, thereby decreasing dependence on the G-tube. This is done via intensive practice coupled with behavioral / therapeutic intervention.

This transition process takes place in a neutral location with a neutral therapist. Using a structured meal plan, parents present breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner foods that are easy and familiar to the family . Meals have a behavioral reward through the process.

As needed, the nutritionist and doctor can analyze data to determine patterns of oral intake to guide decreases in bolus feeds. This data includes a feeding diary, video taped meals and weight checks.

Activities between meals are tailored to the family. Families can engage in gross motor, fine motor and rainy day activities. There are local park trails, museums, swimming pools and cinemas available too.

Upon completion of your stay, a written plan is provided for the original feeding team and therapists. Follow-up interviews are conducted as scheduled post program completion.

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