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A New Beginning

Due to a variety of causes - genetic syndromes, failure to thrive, swallowing disorders, prematurity, or sickness, - it is sometimes necessary to fit an infant or child with a feeding tube for a period of time. However, long term use of a feeding tube not only can adversely effect a child's quality of life, it almost inevitably has a negative impact on the child's development.

TOFT House offers a new beginning.

We have an innovative weaning program that takes children, who are ready, from g-tube feeding to eating orally. Focusing on the human condition, our intensive 2-week program provides the child with the tools necessary to move from the g-tube to eating orally and provides extensive transition counseling for patients and their families in a family-styled facility.

At Toft House, you'll learn to maximize wellness therapies by grasping a view of day-to-day life that is practical and unassuming.

Use TOFT House to make a difference in your child's life.

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